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By Dr. Michael Krychman

Physical, emotional, and sexual health are all important to your overall wellness.

Approaching one year in isolation and quarantine, we all are focusing on the news which is somewhat encouraging: hospitalizations are trending downward, and the mass vaccination program is picking up speed.  Stay at home orders have taught us many life lessons. One lesson that resonates is that physical, emotional, and sexual health are precious and that our inter connectedness with our loved ones and intimate partners is of paramount importance.  We have taken to the hiking trails, eaten homemade raw foods and focused on our families. The focus on health has become a global initiative as we all struggle with the Covid-19 pandemic.  Globally we are connected, and Europe, China, Africa, or the Middle East, there is no exception.

Quality and Innovation at Its Core

Uniderm Farmaceutici is a family owned business that has been committed to research and innovation for almost 50 years. One can see their strong sense of professionalism in both their cosmetic and vaginal care products.  Uniderm, the trusted makers of Lubrigyn cream, lotion and wipe has embraced the concept that beauty and health are from the inside out.  The launch of their new cosmeceutical line Collagenil demonstrates that delicately crafted products based on innovative technologies and high-quality ingredients are important for women throughout their lifecycle.

Cosmeceutical: Collagenil

Collagenil Laboratories’ formulations contain two fundamental ingredients as the basis: Elastin and Collagen.  These two products act in complementary  synergistic relationship, to create a  dynamic healthy and beautiful cosmetic regime. Three guiding principles remain at the core pf the product line.  Firstly, value, the commitment focuses on the consumers’ unique need for health and beauty products with affordability and high quality in mind. Secondly, synergy: harmony of care products and their ingredients are reflected in every single component and are an integral part of every product formulation. Lastly, wellbeing: every woman’s sense of beauty and wellbeing should be based on her individualized care planning and not on societal pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty norms. The focus is to help women meet their own standards of beauty and healthy skin.

One of the most popular lines include Bio-Longevity, which is a revolutionary, anti-aging product line that reduces the appearance of wrinkles. It also has revitalizing and boosting properties. The Liftensive line is dedicated to lifting and toning the skin, thereby creating perfect facial harmony.

Feminine Care: Lubrigyn

Lubrigyn® cream and lotion round out the woman’s health and beauty care regime.  Many experts agree that the vaginal and vulvar tissue is an actual extension of the skin.  As a woman progresses in her lifecycle, high quality ingredients help women attain vaginal moisture and health. Lubrigyn Cream is used often, and many women report satisfactory moisturizing action with a small amount, applied 2-3 times per week. The Lubrigyn Cleansing Lotion is a specialized intimate and personal wash that can be used daily.

Non-hormonal vaginal moisturizers, lubricants, and hybrid products like Lubrigyn Cream help many women. Lubrigyn® Cream is a non-hormonal product that contains both hyaluronic acid and elastin. Attention to detail and high-quality ingredients offer a safe, effective, and clinically proven alternative to help relieve, restore, and replenish the vaginal mucosa. Hyaluronic acid hydrates and soothes. Elastin provides enhanced stretchability and flexibility. Lastly, Lubrigyn products do not contain soda, sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, hormones, lanolin, or hydrocarbons. Therefore, no threat is there to disrupt the vaginal biome or the natural balance of the tissues and vaginal environment.

Dedicated to Health and Beauty

Uniderm is a family-owned Italian business with a European philosophy to high quality  ingredients and attention to detail. As such, they combine high quality ingredients in both their facial and vaginal product lines to provide excellent products for women.

Their products have a dedication to beauty and health.  The company focuses on the details of innovation, research, and commands detailed quality control with the use of superior ingredients.  It is a predominately female company that is sensitive to the individual woman’s needs throughout her lifecycle.

The Uniderm products can fulfill all your beauty needs and help keep your face and pelvic area healthy. Healthy and beautiful from the inside out.




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