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All about the company that makes Lubrigyn™

Uniderm Farmaceutici: The privilege of telling a story.

Uniderm Farmaceutici was established in 1975, as a family-owned business. From the beginning, Uniderm was committed to the research and development of innovative skincare products. Specifically it introduced new formulas derived from coconut oil with acid pH.

Today, Uniderm is a fully integrated company, with an in-house production factory, state-of-the-art Research & Development, national and international marketing and sales 
departments, and distribution throughout Italy, Germany, Spain, Greece, the United States, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.

The Lubrigyn line of products (lotion, cream, wipes) being the first to be sold nationwide in stores, as well as through many online retailers. In 2020, the Laboratori Collagenil product line, a full cosmeceutical line inspired by aesthetic medicine.

Uniderm researches and develops highly innovative niche products.

Uniderm’s mission has always been to achieve complete customer satisfaction, meet all compliance standards, and to improve the quality of life for everyone using its products.

Uniderm’s vision for the future entails the consolidation of its market share in Italy and an expansion of its international presence. A key factor of growth will be the exploration of new markets and the establishment of partnerships, promotions and distribution in select countries in Europe and abroad.