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1. Consider Going Gray. Are your silver streaks stubbornly refusing to take color? Don’t be afraid! Going gray can look white hot- just look at Jamie Lee Curtis and Blythe Danner, whose silver locks convey effortless beauty. Of course, gray doesn’t have to mean boring. If you truly love playing with different colors for your hair, opt for highlights and lowlights with strands of salt-and-pepper mixed in for a look that embraces the gray while giving it a unique hue.

2. Practice Gratitude. It sounds morbid, but I have one friend who swears by regularly reading obituaries. “It’s as close to a near-death experience as I hope to get,” she explains. It helps remind her that those new wrinkles, too-tight jeans, and problem cellulite are no big deal, in the big scheme of life. She’s too busy experiencing new adventures and tackling new challenges to obsess over getting older.

3. Rekindle Your Relationships. Whether you’ve been married for 30 years, or you’re single and fabulous, you likely have more time to nurture close adult relationships than you’ve had in decades. Enjoy the freedom to catch the newest box office hit, and savor dinner afterward. Get dressed up for date night. Prepare for the possibility of intimacy ahead of time by having a remedy for vaginal dryness on hand if you’re in menopause- you deserve to have a pleasurable experience too.

4. Stop People Pleasing. When you’re ready to finally let go of what people think, and start living for yourself, something wonderful happens: You attract others like a magnet. Why? Because when you’re making decisions about your life based on what you truly love, you’re happier- and we know that birds of a feather flock together. By being the best you can be for yourself, you create a social circle of like-minded friends who can help move you forward in life.

5. Age Naturally. Forget the Botox, lifts, lip plumper and other attempts to fight time. Instead, opt for the less is more approach. Exercise regularly, eat a whole foods diet and use a light touch when applying makeup. Approach aging gracefully like the French- invest in skin care, not surgery. Frenchwomen regularly schedule rejuvenating facials and use nourishing moisturizers and antioxidant creams that keep skin hydrated.

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