May 5th, 2016 / Inside Out Wellness / by Letizia Maita

A Feminine Hygiene Question

Geri goes deep!

Here’s Geri from FabOverFifty in the streets of New York asking a few women a feminine hygiene question: What do you use to wash your body in the shower?

Almost every interviewed woman uses bar soap or body wash all over their body. Are you one of them? Guess what, you’ve been washing your body all wrong!

For many women it’s time to ditch the soap and body washes and switch to a product that is specifically meant for intimate hygiene.

“Women have several high quality skincare products for their faces, but few women use a high quality wash for intimate hygiene. I always recommend Lubrigyn Lotion to my patients.” Dr. Alyssa Dewck

Our Family of Quality Products

Made with the finest quality botanical ingredients and free of harmful additives, Lubrigyn features a silky, non-greasy lotion for daily feminine care, hygiene and comfort; and a rich moisturizing cream that soothes, protects and lubricates.

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