Scrap The Soap – Lubrigyn Cleansing Lotion

Only 14% Of Women Know This. Are You One Of Them? Italian women grow up to be passionate about cleansing their bodies, especially their sensitive intimate areas, and they diligently search for products that provide the maximum benefits. American women tend to be less ardent about their feminine hygiene products; in fact, most of them don’t even know that the soaps and body washes they take into the shower are as harsh as dish detergents.

Behind the Brand with Uniderm CEO

Uniderm’s CEO Giorgio Chiozza goes Behind the Brand with Rachel Leigh. His grandfather started Uniderm in 1975 — the makers of the Lubrigyn products. Feminine Intimate Care Full Line: Lotion, Cream and Wipes are now available in the US — helping women take better care of their bodies.

Only 14% Of Women Know This!

Only 14% Of Women Know This.
Are You One Of Them?
Take two short minutes out of your busy day to learn something that only 14 percent of women, 45+, know.
Something that you’ll be shocked you never knew before!

What do you use to wash your body in the shower?

Geri from FabOverFifty in the streets of New York asking a few women a feminine hygiene question: What do you use to wash your body in the shower?
Almost every interviewed woman uses bar soap or body wash all over their body. Are you one of them? Guess what, you’ve been washing your body all wrong!

For many women it’s time to ditch the soap and body washes and switch to a product that is specifically meant for intimate hygiene.

Your Daily Intimate Wash

Stay clean, comfortable and confident all day with the only five-benefits-in-one product.
Today, more women than ever are taking charge of their vaginal hygiene and comfort with Italy’s #1 choice in feminine care. pH balanced and made with botanical ingredients, this rich silky formula soothes, protects and moisturizes the delicate skin of the vaginal area. Because it draws impurities out by cleansing gently with natural oils without irritating lather or harmful ingredients. Non-lathering with deodorizing properties, Lubrigyn can also be used with or without rinsing, making it convenient for use at home, while traveling or on the go.